Headlamp H14 Led Lenser

Product no. 25764-1


Headlamp from Led Lenser including all helmet mountings and stepless adjustment of headlamp, green, blue and red light. Charged via magnetic USB charging. The headlight is equipped with:

- High-efficiency PMMA optic lens

-Advanced focus system

-High quality LED technology

-LED battery indicator

-High quality aluminum heat sink

- Reactive light

-Bluetotth management

-Solid seal protects IP54

-Sort of transparent polycarbonate holder

-High capacity LI-ion battery compatible with AA alkaline (2 AA batteries)

- Gold-plated contact points

- Robust stainless steel clip

-Advanced magnetic charging system

- Double polycarbonate housing


High End Power LED

Lumen: 1000m

Range: 320m

Duration (max) 100h

Battery type: rechargeable Li-ion

Weight: 139gr. inkl.batteri