Shock absorbing insole whole soles Sorbothane

Product no. 71494


Product description

Sorbothane shock absorbing footbed soles. 71493 
Footbed sole is built up and provides good support suit boots, safety boots and shoes with plenty of room. Sorbothane shock absorbing soles throughout. 71494 
The entire sole is flat and suitable for regular shoes with little space. 
To anyone standing, walking or running on hard surfaces. Sorbothne is a special shock absorbing sole that can and should be used by anyone standing and walking on hard surfaces. Tests show that when walking on hard surfaces will heel portion at the moment it hits the ground will be greeted with a nedbremsingskraft that can be 5-7 times the body weight. This creates shock waves that propagate upward body. It takes a special material to mitigate the adverse effects, namely Sorbothane.