Protective boots Steplite X2900S5 Black

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Product no. 938-X2900-8080


Waterproof, comfortable and robust boot. Suitable for agriculture, construction, fishing, maritime sector etc. For year-round use, summer and winter, down to -30 ° C. Black upper and sole in soft and flexible PU for high comfort. Extra wide train. Wide and high toe cap provides plenty of space and increased comfort. At the shaft - also the opportunity to cut the shaft. Heel on heel makes the boot easier to remove. New sole pattern for extra good grip. Sliding inhibiting properties on ceramic tiles and steel substrates (SRC).
Antistatic, oil resistant and cold insulating. Weight 1000 grams (1 pc size 42). Interchangeable insole with extra cushioning in the heel. Toe cap in composite, nail protection in Kevlar.