Gloves Pu showa Temres Winter

Product no. 938-282


Waterproof and breathable winter glove. For use in wet and / or cold work environments, outdoors or in refrigerators / freezers, caretakers, agriculture, fishing, industry and the like. where high wear resistance, good cold insulating properties and high comfort are required. Seamless nylon lining and solid acrylic fur lining. Coated with breathable microperforated polyurethane with high wear resistance and good grip. Breathable, waterproof membrane between lining and the double polyurethane coating. Breathable Temre's technology keeps water and liquids out, while hot air and moisture escape. This keeps your hands warm and dry. Length 27-28 cm.

Size: M-XXL (8-11)

Packing: 1/10/60

Properties: For winter