The protective properties of work gloves are determined by the European standards in the form of symbols and numbers that indicate the level of protection. The higher the number, the better the protection. The standards are updated regularly, this is the latest version

* General requirements EN 420

Protective gloves are divided into three categories to meet a number of requirements in the commercial sector:

Category I: Minimal risk.
Category II: Medium risk, e.g. mechanical risk.
Category III: High risk, ie risk that can cause permanent damage or lead to death, e.g. damage from chemicals.

* EN 388: 2016 mechanical protection

* EN 407 heat protection

* EN 511 protection against cold

* EN 374: 2016 protection against chemicals and microorganisms

* EN 421 radioactive contamination

* EN 12477 protective glove for welders

* EN 10819 mechanical vibration and shock

* EN 455 disposable gloves for medical use

* EC / 1935/2004 Food Directive