Fall arrest Univern

Work over 1 meter is considered work at height. At heights greater than 2 meters, there should always be handrails or other protective measures such as personal fall protection equipment. The personal fall protection equipment should catch the user in case of serious or fatal injury.

When choosing equipment, it is important to take into account the individual usage requirements, as well as the working environment and working height of the equipment.

Important issues to be clarified:

1. What is the potential fall height? At what height should the work be performed?

2. Can a fall damper line be used, or should a fall block be used?

3. Is it good enough fastening point? (must withstand at least 10kN static for 3 min)

4. Which type of harness is most appropriate?

5. Are the facts of the working environment that are of crucial importance? such as contaminated environment, exposure risk, hot work, mechanical environment with sharp edges?



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