Marking light SyncSat

Product no. 80-SyncSat lys


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SyncSat marker light

Working life: is approx. 6-8mnd.

Battery life:> 500 charges.

Total weight w / battery: 8 kg
Height std u / adapter: 166 cm
Ø pole / Ø light: 65mm / 75mm
Lighting technology: LED 210 l / w
Range: 3 bulls. mil
Battery Pack: XL (55Ah) and L (35 Ah)
Charging: 220V + insert. bev generator
Charging time: 10 hours
Operating time (winter): Approx. Month
Battery change: 1-2 minutes
Battery life: 500 charges
Sync: Satellite (+/- 0.1 sec)
Yellow light: Period 2s. (1.25 s light / 0.75 sec dark)
Start switch: Magnetic.
Light mast: Special composite
Base: Adapter for asser existing

Charging equipment: With display and charging information
Motion Sensor: Charges the battery when moving. Charging effect depends on wave motion and thus will vary from location to location and with facility type.
Magnet switch: Start of light / change of sequence is done with handheld magnet.

We recommend that each site has its own charger and at least one additional battery.