Climbing helmet Kask Super Plasma PL

Product no. 938-AHE00005


Climbing Helmet acc. EN 12492
Helmet shell in polypropylene (PP)
Powerful High Density Polystyrene foam padding between the helmet shell and decor
Soft padded interior nylon
Weight only 420 grams
10 air inlets provide maximum ventilation. Inlets are equipped with fine mesh netting to prevent intrusion
Equipped with lantern bracket suitable for all lamps with headband
Comes with 4-point adjustable chinstrap which is mounted to the helmet shell
Chinstrap loosens automatically at a load of between 15 and 25 kg acc. norm
2DRY quick drying textile material in furnishings / sweatband is Sanitized (R) treated, which prevents odor and increase comfort
Interior steering wheel adjustment rear, easy to adjust the size even with gloves
Easy to regulate actual decor in height and sideways
Features: Wheel Alignment
Standards: EN 12492