AVA P80 Master+ High pressure washer

Product no. 959-10-100-109


AVA P80 Master + is Norwegian-produced, pumps 600 liters per hour, and is the largest of AVA's major models. With the P80 Master + you get everything you need to wash your car efficiently and quickly. AVA's pump has 4 pistons, and 30% longer life than competing models.

The AVA P80 Master + has a steel-reinforced high-pressure hose and a gentle multi-nozzle where you can choose between 20 and 60 degree spread. The pistol grip is ergonomically designed and reduces strain on the arms and shoulders during prolonged use.

AVA delivers a good range of accessories, such as upgraded lances and nozzles. The machine comes fully assembled, all you have to do is connect the gun to the hose and start the washing tasks.

AVA P80 Master + comes with patio washer, unlike the AVA P80 Master.

Additional equipment included in the package:
Zoom lance 80 to 110mm
Unbreakable water filter with garden coupling
Combination nozzle with 20 and 60g angle + LED light
foam nozzle
Fixed 15g nozzle
terrace Sinks
AVA P80 is compatible with Kärcher K, if you have optional equipment from the previous one you can use this with AVA high pressure washer